How to Train a Puppy on a Potty Pad

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting experience, but it also comes with many challenges. Housebreaking a puppy can be a tedious task that requires a lot of patience. With the help of potty pads, you can make this process simpler. Learning how to train a puppy on a potty pad can be a lifesaver, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

Introduce Your Puppy to Potty Pads

When you get your first shipment of potty pads, you first need to get your new puppy used to them. Place a pad on the ground and let your puppy look at it and sniff it. As they walk on it, give the verbal command you wish to use to encourage them to relieve themselves, such as “go potty.”

Anticipate Their Needs

Another critical step in how to train a puppy on a potty pad is to learn its cues. Puppies often need to relieve themselves after sleeping, eating, drinking, and playing. Sniffing the ground instead of playing can also be a clear sign. In most cases, puppies will need to use their potty pads every two to three hours, so prepare for frequent visits to the potty pad during the training phase.

Be Consistent and Reward Your Pup

Consistency is the key to successful potty training. The more often you take your pup to their designated potty spot, the more likely that they will make a connection and start visiting the spot themselves. In addition to maintaining consistency, you should have treats ready to reward them each time they use the potty pad successfully. Rewards are a critical element in training your puppy to do anything.

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