7 Reasons You Need Disposable Potty Pads for Your Pet

There are plenty of reasons to use potty pads for your pooch. Here’s why using disposable potty pads for dogs is the ideal choice for you and your pet.

You have a small dog

It’s easier to potty-train a small dog. You can expect less of a mess. Cleanup is also fairly simple too. If you want to ensure successful results when you house-train your pet, then be sure to stock up on those pee pads.

You have an old dog

Old or sick dogs may suffer from loss of bladder control. With disposable potty pads for dogs, you’ll have an easier time cleaning up after your beloved pet, the Canine Journal says. That’s going to mean less cleanup work and stress for you as well.

You’re in the car

If you brought your pet along for a ride or you’re going to or from the vet, then take the extra precaution of protecting your car seats. This is especially ideal for pet owners with puppies that have yet to learn the basics of potty-training.

Your dog is on the bed

If your dog is sleeping on your bed and you don’t have the heart to remove her, then protect your beddings and mattress by putting pads underneath your pet. That way, you won’t wake up to an unpleasant surprise.

You live in cold weather

If you have a yard but it’s rainy or cold where you are, then the last thing you want is to have your dog go to potty outdoors. Your dog could get sick, resulting in bigger problems and greater stress for you. Your dog will also track in dirt from outside. The best way is to use potty pads to train your dogs to go indoors.

You have limited mobility

If you have mobility issues or already find it tough to move around, then getting potty pads is an excellent option. This way, cleanup is easier for you since you won’t have to take your dog outside.

Your dog is hard to walk

If your dog picks a fight with every other dog she meets or is much too shy around other pets and gets bullied easily, then it may be best to keep your dog indoors. That’s going to keep your dog—and you—from getting stressed.

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