Great news for canine owners as Lift launches dog-friendly Flights

Are you planning to take a trip, but you can’t bear leaving your puppy or small dog behind because of flight restrictions? There is good news for hound owners as Lift begins offering canine-friendly flights. The newest South African airline announced earlier this month that you can now fly on chosen Lift flights with your tinnier dogs. Your dog can now fly in a pet-friendly carry-on bag that will be put under the seat ahead of you.

Only a few canines are permitted to fly on selected flights, whereby a strict cleaning schedule must be adhered to in between flights. To qualify, a small dog needs to be at least ten weeks old. Also, the dog should fit into a dog carrier bag, not bigger than 28cm by 20cm by 45cm to make sure that it fits under the seat. During the launch, Lift airline stated that the new service is only available to dog owners as they cannot accommodate big dogs and other pets.

Airline terms

The airline, however, has set specific terms and conditions for traveling with your dog, and they include;

1. Booking must be made 72 hours before departure, and you will be required to furnish the airline with all travel documents for your pet. You must also have an up-to-date vaccination certificate, veterinary and health statement for your pet.

2. You will be required to purchase an additional window seat in a specified area of the cabin for your dog. You, as the accompanying owner, will be seated in the adjacent seat.

3. The canines will not be allowed to travel with minors who are unaccompanied by an adult

4. The puppy must be on the same flight as the person responsible for it.

5. Dogs traveling in the cabin must be carried in a soft-case carrier bag throughout the flight. At no time should they be removed from the bag to avoid disturbing other passengers.

6. You will be required to place absorbent sheets or puppy training pads in the carrier bag to prevent the dog from littering on the plane.

7. You are allowed to carry only one dog in the carrier bag. The dog must have sufficient space to lie down, turn around, and stand comfortably.

8. The airline will not permit your dog to occupy a seat. Instead, the carrier bag with the dog must fit completely under the seat.

Owing to the new service introduced by Lift Airlines, you can now enjoy traveling with your puppy. Since PetsWorld Online Pet Supply are essential to the owner, you will no longer worry about leaving them behind.