Here are 3 Tips for Buying the Right Poop Pads for Your Furry Friend

Here are 3 Tips for Buying the Right Poop Pads for Your Furry Friend

Whether you have a new puppy, older dog or a canine pet who spends most of the day indoors, poop pads for dogs are "must have" items for any household. Here are three tips to help you find the right poop pads for your home.

Poop Pad Size

The size of the poop pad should not match the size of the poop. The pad should be sized to the dog breed. Believe it or not, many canine friends love to lay on their poop pads, and you want to make sure that the pad is sized large enough to allow for separation of relaxation areas and potty areas. If you are using a crate or playpen for your dog, use the largest size possible to cover the floor of the area with the smallest number of pads. This minimizes the number of breaks in the poop pad protection in the space.

Absorbency of the Pads

You can find poop pads for dogs in several levels of absorbency. Puppies and other dogs who are not housebroken are likely to make several messes in the area, so you want the most absorbent pad available. If you only need to give Fido a temporary place to pee while you are away for the day, you can choose a pad that holds less urine.

Budget and Special Offers

Budget is always a consideration for pet owners when considering which poop pads for dogs are best for their needs. Look for a poop pad company that offers budget-friendly pads, as well as special offers, such as buying in bulk or subscribing to monthly deliveries.

Find the Right Poop Pads for Your Dog

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