5 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Sanity While You Potty-Train Your Puppy

Potty-training your puppy can entail all sorts of challenges. You’re going to feel frustrated and stressed at times. Dive into the following tips to help you maintain your sanity.

Be patient

One of the things you’ll learn quickly when you get a puppy is the importance of having an enormous amount of patience. You’ll need plenty the first time your puppy pees on the bed or your new tennis shoes. It’s useless to get angry over these things. Learn that lesson early on. That’s going to help you cope with a lot of things further down the road as a pet owner.

Get potty pads

If you’ve got a yard, then you could take your dog outdoors for potty training. However, if your pet is going to spend a lot of her time indoors, then you’ll need to stock up on absorbent potty pads. These pads can help you train your dog to use a specific area inside your home so you won’t come home to a house or apartment with dog pee everywhere.

Shop wisely

If you’re tired of coming home to a mess, then those pee pads should be the first item on your shopping list. Make sure you get quality options. Cheap brands might not be as absorbent so that’s going to mean a mess on your floors that can much harder to clean up.

Look for the right spot

When you put those absorbent potty pads in place, make sure you pick out a good spot, the American Kennel Club says. It should be accessible to your puppy. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too much in your way. Otherwise, you’d keep tripping over the pads. That or you may be tempted to move it to someplace else. That could compromise the results of your potty-training so you’ll need to wait longer for your pet to learn. Pick the right spot from the get-go so you can sidestep these issues with ease.

Know the signs

Be familiar with the signs that your pet needs to go. Is she whining? If you already put in a can of food in her bowl and she isn’t eating it, then she may need to go. As soon as you recognize the signs, bring your pooch over to the pad so she can do her business.

Make sure you stock up on those pads. Check the selection of brands and options we have. Shop for supplies at PetsWorld.

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